Saturday, December 19, 2015

Toronto concerts announced this week: Adele, Monster Truck

  • Pell, Mod Club, Feb 4
  • Emilie & Ogden, Drake Underground, Feb 11
  • The Besnard Lakes, Horseshoe Tavern, Feb 18
  • Monster Truck, The Phoenix, Mar 12
  • Adele, Air Canada Centre, Oct 3 & 4, 6 & 7


Robert Hart said...

Did somebody visit any of these concerts?? I unfortunately couldn't at that time. But this year I bought tickets to Adele's concert in Mexico and went there with my best friends. It wsa a great concert, we even took photos with Adele ))

Anonymous said...

When I found out about these concerts, it was already too late, so I was really sorry about that. But I'm truly happy to find out that you had amazing experience and such bright emotions about these concerts. Btw, if you want to feel the same again, tickets for next concerts now on sale there. You can choose the places, find a good tickets and then let me know.