Thursday, November 26, 2015

Danzig: "Skeletons" (album review)

I'll tell you a secret: I have a bit of a soft spot for Glenn Danzig.  Sure he's a hulked up demon metal caricature, but there's something about that which I find charming in a goofy way.

Well, the former Misfit has just released an album of covers, Skeletons, on which he does his versions of songs from an incredibly broad swath of artists.

Hearing a metal guy like Danzig cover artists like Black Sabbath ("N.I.B."), Aerosmith ("Lord of the Thighs"), and ZZ Top ("Rough Boy") really isn't that surprising.  It's not really that interesting either.

What is interesting are the outside the box song selections that are made.

One of the less obvious choices Danzig makes is to cover Elvis Presley's "Let Yourself Go".  It goes even more so for the fairly faithful ballad-y cover of The Everly Brothers' "Crying In the Rain".  The results are predictably horrifying.  But maybe that was his aim.

Danzig strikes a perfect balance between the two by taking The Troggs' "Girl Like You", and turning it into a sub-2-minute punk basher.

Most of Skeletons is firmly planted in novelty territory.  However, there are a handful of interesting nuggets that warrant a listen from the more curious type.


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