Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Library Voices: "Lovish" (album review)

For the past several years Saskatchewan indie pop band Library Voices have been one of my go-to acts for bright, sunny tunes.  That all goes up in smoke with the forthcoming release of their disappointing left-turn album Lovish (out November 6th).

Gone are the delicious hooks, harmonies, and melodies.  More damning is the absence of anything even remotely approaching the clever lyrics and turns-of-phrase that peppered their previous works.

The band, instead has chosen to veer off towards a fuzzy surf/garage/shoegaze blend that yields uneven results.

It's clear we're in for something different as soon as the record opens up with the reverb-drenched "Oh Donna".  The California surf influence is strongest on the Best Coast-ish rocker "Slacker".  It's Apples In Stereo that get channeled on the lead single "Zzyzx".

A distortion effect on the vocals on songs like "Hey! Adrienne" only serve to detract further from the group's signature sugar.

The band gets dark with the ominous drone of "Death By Small Talk".  They actually reach unlistenable with the trudging "Every Night" and it's ceaseless ending.

As a positive, there's an absolutely filthy guitar groove on "Fangs of Love" that digs so deep that it's nearly impossible to escape from it.

It's hard to blame an artist for wanting to stretch themselves and show off a different angle, but in a case of a band like Library Voices it becomes a shame since the original formula worked so damn well.

Best tracks: "Fangs of Love", "Zzyzx"

Track listing for Lovish:

  • Oh Donna
  • Sunburnt In LA
  • Slacker
  • Zzyzx
  • Hey! Adrienne
  • The Wild Roar of Love
  • Escape Artist
  • Fangs of Love
  • Death By Small Talk
  • Bored In Berlin
  • Every Night

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