Thursday, October 15, 2015

Corb Lund: "Things That Can't Be Undone" (album review)

By this point I think there's little arguing that Corb Lund is Canada's premier country singer/songwriter.  He's back with a brand new album of new material, Things That Can't Be Undone.

On this record Lund seems preoccupied with juxtaposing heavy themes with lighter arrangements.  The serious topics addressed on "Weight of the Gun" is a fine example of this.  The regretful "Sadr City" is punctuated with a laidback, melodic sound.

There's much of the standard Lund fare here, although none of it seemingly as sharp as he has been known to deliver.  "AH Berliner Blues" is a chugging rag.  "Talk To Much" is a pretty vanilla country guitar pick-fest.

We're treated to something different with "Goodbye Colorado".  The track has a '70s psychedelic sound woven in with the old-school country.

The album standout is "Run This Town", a catchy tune whose backing vocals complement Lund perfectly.

Lund's renowned sense of humour pops up most notably on the well-titled "Washed-Up Rock Star Factory Blues".  Unfortunately, in and of itself it is not enough to carry the letdown of a song.

What is missing from Things That Can't Be Undone is that one truly memorable song.  Every Corb Lund album has one.  That's why it's absence here is so glaring.

Corb Lund plays the Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto on February 20th.

Best tracks: "Run This Town", "

Track listing for Things That Can't Be Undone:
  • Weight of the Gun
  • Run This Town
  • Alt Berliner Blues
  • Alice Eyes
  • Sadr City
  • Washed-Up Rock Star Factory Blues
  • S Lazy H
  • Goodbye Colorado
  • Talk Too Much
  • Sunbeam

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