Thursday, August 06, 2015

Mac Demarco: "Another One" (album review)

I think the best way to describe the kind of success that Edmontonian Mac Demarco is having is that the musician just kind of snuck up on the world.  Thanks to his last album, Salad Days, he's become a true indie darling.

Tomorrow (July 7th), he will release his follow-up to that highly successful record in the form of the 8-track Another One.

It shouldn't surprise anyone who's heard Demarco's music that these eight cuts are just dripping with pop melody.  They are enjoyable while they last, but for the most part, they do quickly fade from memory.

The record opens with "The Way You'd Love Her".  Demarco gives a laid back vocal performance that featured a Dylan-esque rhythm.  The most intriguing part of the track is the wonderful pedal steel guitar.

A Jack Johnson groove is strong on the upbeat "Just Put Me Down".  The arrangement on "I've Been Waiting for Her" is oddly reminiscent of early Lou Reed.

The requisite nods to the Beatles are included, particularly on the glossy title track.  A solemn John Lennon style shines through on "A Heart Like Hers".

A fine album, Another One will yield some nice moments for listeners.  However, there's nothing messianic in what Demarco is doing here.

Mac Demarco plays the Time Festival in Toronto on August 15th.

Best tracks: "Just Put Me Down", "I've Been Waiting For Her"

Track listing for Another One:
  • The Way You'd Love Her
  • Another One
  • No Other Heart
  • Just Put Me Down
  • A Heart Like Hers
  • I've Been Waiting for Her
  • Without Me
  • My House By the Water

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