Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Desroyer: "Poison Season" (album review)

Dan Behar has always been a busy dude.  On August 28th he dusts off his Destroyer persona with the release of the album Poison Season.

Starting on a positive note, "Dream Lover" is a feisty rocker adorned with horns aplenty.  The title track connects with a playful jangle and sway.

There's a swooning cinematic approach to much of Destroyer's music.  Here it manifests on tracks such as "Times Square, Poison Seaon I" and the twisted take on '70s cop show themes "Midnight Meets the Rain".

All of that said, my long-standing issue with Destroyer is overshadows this record.  The songs are too often just dull ("Girl In a Sling", "Solace's Bride", "The River").  No hooks, no memorable lyrics, just a bunch of noodling.  Songs like "Bangkok" have the misfortune of coming across as late-career Lou Reed.  That's not a good thing.

Be it the sidling showtune-ish "Hell" or the the meandering mood music of "Archer on the Beach" the numbers become background noise all too quickly.  The free form rumble of "Forces From Above" fairs only slightly better.

If Destroyer allows Behar to get his sillies out so that they don't mar New Pornographers records then the band serves a noble purpose.

Destroyer plays the Danforth Music Hall on September 30th.

Best tracks: "Dream Lover", "Times Square"

Track listing for Poison Season:
  • Times Square, Poison Season I
  • Dream Lover
  • Force From Above
  • Hell
  • The River
  • Girl In a Sling
  • Times Square
  • Archer on the Beach
  • Midnight Meets the Rain
  • Solace's Bride
  • Bangkok
  • Sun In the Sky
  • Times Square, Poison Season II

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