Wednesday, June 03, 2015

The Sandwitches: "Our Toast" (album review)

On June 9th, San Francisco all-female trio The Sandwitches will release their new full length album, Our Toast.

Sadly, there's not much to love in the cinematic, almost B-movie soundtrack.  Cuts like "Sleeping Practice" and the 8-minute "Dead Prudence" are excruciatingly slow-moving and/or meandering.

A handful of tracks do stand out.  The twangy blues of "Play It Again Dick" may not be great, but at least it's different.  The jangle on "Wickerman Mambo" has the band showing some signs of life.  "Sunny Side" is built around the piano, and somehow comes across as sad clown music.

While it doesn't help with the tempo, the Chan Marshall-esque vocals on "Personal Hell" will help as you await the next Cat Power record.

In the end, the most interesting thing about The Sandwitches is their band name.

Best tracks: "Personal Hell", "Sunny Side"

Track listing for Our Toast:

  • Sunny Side
  • Play It Again Dick
  • Sleeping Practice
  • Dead Prudence
  • Miggy
  • Island Jam
  • Personal Hell
  • Wickerman Mambo
  • Nothing But Love

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