Thursday, June 18, 2015

Matt Epp: "Ready In Time" (album review)

I've never really connected with the work of BC singer/songwriter Matt Epp.  His records have been fine, but for me they haven't had anything that really gripped me.

Will that change with the June 23rd release of his new studio record Ready In Time?  The answer (I know you're waiting on with bated breath) below.

The album kicks off with the sombre, methodically-paced "Aftermath".  It features the audible squeak of the guitar strings, a sound that I am always a sucker for.

The record quickly transitions into a selection of delectable pop rock tunes.  "Let Her Know" is a masterful melodic track with a stellar hook.  To sate your peppy summer love song urge, "Go Somewhere" will do the trick nicely.  With a tiny sprinkling of piano, "Something Better" has a Ben Kweller quality to it.

The only missteps, and it's not even that much of a misstep, is the rather blah "Hard To Say".

That quickly fades as the bluesy roots of "Cash & Blood" leads into the the gloriously liberating album closer "North Star", a cut that will be churning over and over in your brain until you simply must listen to it again.

After the very first time through Ready In Time I was hooked.  You will be too.

Matt Epp plays the Cameron House in Toronto on July 2nd.

Best tracks: "Let Her Know", "North Star"

Track listing for Ready In Time:
  • Aftermath
  • Let Her Know
  • Go Somewhere
  • Something Better
  • Ready In Time
  • Had To Say
  • Cash & Blood
  • North Star

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