Thursday, May 07, 2015

Nightmare Fortress: "The Wanting" (album review)

The adjectives that leap to mind when you first get a listen of Nightmare Fortress are stylish and foreboding.  There's plenty of both qualities on the Seattle band's forthcoming debut full length The Wanting (out May 12th).

The lead track "No Exit" coats pretty familiar alternative rock in a hard shellacked electronic shell.  A lick of Gothic influence is splattered on top.

The scope of the tracks range from the grand imposing "A Life Worth Leaving" to the atmospheric David Fincher soundtrack-ish "Terminal".

As the album progresses, you begin to lose the positive feeling towards it.  What sounded stylish in the beginning sounds flat and rehashed by the end.  What had been ominous is now a caricature.  Add in a slowing of the tempo and the result has songs like "After Death" and "Crusher" feeling interminable and plodding.

Tracks like "Mourning Star" starts to sound like a tribute to mid-90s light Industrial music.  Stabbing Westward would have been proud to pound out some of these cuts.

Best tracks: "A Life Worth Leaving", "Terminal"

Track listing for The Wanting:

  • No Exit
  • The Perfect Feeling
  • A Life Worth Leaving
  • Terminal
  • Faces In the Dark
  • Crawl To Me
  • Mourning Star
  • Crusher
  • After Death
  • In My Blood

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