Thursday, April 23, 2015

It Was Romance: "It Was Romance" (album review)

It Was Romance is a Los Angeles-based alternative rock outfit who will self-release their self-titled debut album on May 5th.

The pleasant but flat "Philadelphia begins things.  The song has an odd vocal sung with a strange slurred accent that becomes quite distracting.  It leaves one with the impression of a third generation version of Florence + The Machine.

The outcast here is "Come Here".  The song is the only one that betrays a vague rockabilly influence.

Many of the tracks feel as though they want to be cutting edge blues/garage rock a la The Kills or The Dead Weather.  The toothless "But Not Forgotten" fails miserably due to a lack of passion.  The smoldering "Hooking Up With Girls" and the Heartless Bastards-like "It's Like You're Not Even Trying" are far more successful.

The record caps of with "Storms".  The song is a complete departure from what we've heard thus far, being subdued and hauntingly lovely.

In all It Was Romance is a very uneven album, but one that shows glimmers of promise if the group can decide which way they want to go with their sound.

Best tracks: "Storms", "It's Like You're Not Even Trying"

Track listing for It Was Romance:
  • Philadelphia
  • Come Home
  • But Not Forgotten
  • Hooking Up With Girls
  • It's Like You're Not Even Trying
  • Chances
  • Storms

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