Thursday, April 09, 2015

Blimp Rock: "Sophomore Slump" (album review)

Toronto's Blimp Rock are nothing if not fun.  For example, the band have built the promotion of their new album Sophomore Slump around the concept of performing an airbourne blimp-based music festival.  Their tour is even being billed as a PowerPoint presentation for potential festival investors, followed by a rock concert.

A light and playful air hangs over much of the band's music.  A keen sense of humour permeates songs like "Vampires" and "Sensitive Boys".

Of course, the tracks are also darn catchy.  Cuts like "My Mind Is A Shark" and "Conflict Resolution" will have your head bopping.  The sharpest hooks come on the standout single "Let's Stay In Tonight".

Power pop comprises the basis of these tunes.  An angular version of it makes the title track stick out.

There's a Mother Mother influence that is obvious.  The male vocals are often spoken, with the female ones sung over top and adding some punctuation to the tracks.

In the end, Sophomore Slump is a fun, loose record, the kind that you can throw on and not have to wade through all kinds of self-important bullshit.

Blimp Rock plays the Dakota Tavern in Toronto on April 25th.

Best tracks: "Let's Stay In Tonight", "Vampires"

Track listing for Sophomore Slump:
  • Will It Ever
  • Sophomore Slump
  • Vampires
  • Sensitive Boys
  • My Mind Is A Shark
  • Music Industry Blues
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Blimp Rock Live 2
  • Let's Stay In Tonight
  • In the Doghouse

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