Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Thomas D'Arcy: "Fooled You Twice" (album review)

Through his solo career and his work with bands such as Small Sins, Toronto's Thomas D'Arcy has built a reputation as a slick indie pop songsmith.  With this in mind there should be absolutely no shock about what we hear on his latest album, Fooled You Twice.

D'Arcy's slant towards quirky piano pop is front and centre with "My Friends Are the Best".  What we are treated to for most of the record, is a series of well-crafted mid-tempo pop numbers with hooks of varying sharpness such as "All Over Your Face" (which would have a completely different meaning if it were done by a hair metal band) and "If It Feels Alright".

The grandest track on the album is "Stronger Tomorrow".  It builds into a quasi-orchestral crescendo that is impossible to find anything but uplifting.

A couple of instances of D'Arcy stepping out into new (for him) territory.  "Right In Front of Your Face" has a fuzzy line that changes frequency with the flow of the song.  Less effective is "Get It From Me", which percolates like a coffee maker, giving it a very dated sound.

A bit of a distracting factor is the drum work.  It will have you trying to figure out who it reminds you of.  Once you realize that it's the distinctive meter of Hot Hot Heat, you'll have difficulty hearing these songs for themselves.

Best tracks: "Fooled You Twice", "If It Feels Alright"

Track listing for Fooled You Twice:
  • Maybe I'm Wrong
  • My Friends Are All the Best
  • All Over Your Face
  • Fooled You Twice
  • Get It From Me
  • If It Feels Alright
  • Stronger Tomorrow
  • Part One
  • Right In Front of Your Face
  • Work It Out

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