Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bop English: "Constant Bop" (albu, review)

James Petralli is best known as the frontman for Austin, TX garage rockers White Denim.  Now he's taken up the moniker Bop English for the release of his forthcoming solo album, Constant Bop (out April 14th).

Elements of his group work definitely creep into the solo record (it helps that members of the band pitched in).  A garage rock sound is added to the otherwise Elton John-esque piano pop of "Dani's Blues (It Was Beyond Our Control)".

For the most part though, it's a shimmering glossy take on roots music that dominates the album.  It's rocked up on the energetic "Struck Matches".  "Fake Dog" is a fun twist on the old standard country chick-boom.  It's sun-soaked Southern Rock on "Willy Spends the Evening".

There are a number of musical styles fighting for space on the intriguing "Trying".  The result is a strangely enjoyable mishmash of '70s funk, stoner rock, and modern day indie.

"Falling At Your Feet" is less complex.  It's a simple Beatles-inspired melodic pop ditty.

Constant Bop is a record that you can put on and just bask in on the coming sunny summer days.

Best tracks: "Struck Matches", "Willy Spends the Evening"

Track listing for Constant Bop:

  • Dani's Blues (It Was Beyond Our Control)
  • Struck Matches
  • Trying
  • Have I Got It Wrong
  • Fake Dog
  • Willy Spends the Evening
  • Sentimental Wilderness
  • Falling At Your Feet
  • The Hardest Way
  • Long Distance Runner

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