Thursday, February 12, 2015

Twin River: "Should the Light Go Out" (album review)

February 17th will see the release of Should the Light Go Out, the new full length album from BC fuzz-rock group Twin River

At their best, Twin River provide the kind of reverb-drenched power pop that made Alvvays such a sensation in 2014.  Whether it's the pure noise-filled "Laugh It Off", or the chorus of ooos and wooos of "Secret In a Seance", you can hear the pop sensibility that lives beneath all of the shoegazing guitar tricks.

With high-pitched vocals that seem to defy their arrangements, many songs have a vibe that's reminiscent of '90s staples Throwing Muses and Belly.

The inclusion of a whirring organ adds the the unique nature of the music.  A snotty attitude on the shadowy yet slick "Word To the Wise" morphs into an excellent warped guitar solo.

A '60s girl group influence is front and centre on "It Won't Be Long".  On the complete other end of the spectrum is "A Thousand Times", which has a deep roots tinge.

Too many songs on the album take too long to form, or never manage to fully form at all.  During the 10-minute plus "Golden Man" a whole lot of time is spent for the song basically to stand still.  "Get Gone" is a gauzy mid-tempo number with no spark.  Slowing things down even further is "He's Not Real and He Ain't Coming Back", which despite having the majesty of a solar flare, has precious little in the way of combustion.

Strip away the slumbering tracks and there's quiet a nice little EP here.  Alas, that's not what we're presented with, which makes it a little more difficult to fully immerse yourself in Should the Light Go Out.

Best tracks: "A Thousand Times", "Word To the Wise"

Track listing for Should the Light Go Out:
  • Bend To Break
  • Secret In a Seance
  • He's Not Real and He Ain't Coming Back
  • Got Gone
  • Anything Good
  • Golden Man
  • Word To the Wise
  • It Won't Be Long
  • Laugh It Off
  • A Thousand Times

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