Thursday, February 05, 2015

Thurston Moore/John Moloney: "Caught On Tape" (album review)

It seems like forever since Thurston Moore's output has been cutting edge.  Between his solo work and the last throes of Sonic Youth, he hasn't really pushed hard, and as a result the music has been somewhat less than memorable.

Step up to Caught On Tape, Moore's collaboration with drummer John Moloney.  While their forthcoming album Full Bleed, out February 10th, may not beg for repeated listens, it does make an incredible impact when you first hear this instrumental record is highly improvised effort.

You'd expect lots of squealing guitar feedback from any record Moore plays on, and you do get that here, particularly on "Reversed Funeral" and the meaty "Nothing Glamorous".  You get much much more alongside that though.

Moloney's concussive drums open "Age Limit", gradually ceding to Moore's free-jazz guitar.  It's a wild mood swing to the title track and "Rubber Grandma", both of which could best be described as 'metal Moore'.

Frenzied guitars and angular manic percussion give "Dispute" the feeling of a runaway train that could easily feature Ian MacKaye at the helm.  Bleach-era Nirvana fuzz washes over "Unsupervised".

While slightly more accessible, Full Bleed is a must for anyone who even occasionally enjoys throwing Metal Machine Music on the turntable.

Best tracks: "

Track listing for Caught On Tape:
  • Age Limit
  • Nothing Glamorous
  • Full Bleed
  • Self-Rule
  • Arguing With a Balloon
  • Dispute
  • Reverse Funeral
  • Unsupervised
  • Rubber Grandma

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