Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dan Deacon: "Gliss Riffer" (album review)

Now I've never been a fan of electronic music (for the most part).  Recently though, there has been one artist who has made me add a caveat to that.

Baltimore's Dan Decacon is far from your average electronic artist.  He manages to produce vital, dynamic, and diverse music that is engaging and breathes life into what is typically a cold and unemotional genre.

On February 24th Deacon returns with his latest album, Gliss Riffer.

There's a variety on Gliss Riffer that is hard to find with electronic-based music.  Whether it's hip hop on "Meme Generator", or whimsical chirps and twinkles on "Mind On Fire", you can never predict what you're going to hear at the outset of a Deacon record.  He moves seamlessly from the liquid "Feel the Lightning" (which features a lovely female vocal rising above the foam) to the masterfully choppy "Sheathed Wings".

One of Deacon's greatest traits is that he never forgets to have fun with his music.  He gets downright goofy with the vaguely They Might Be Giants-ish "When I Was Done Dying".  "Learning To Relax" will cause some whiplash-enducing head nodding.

Stop it now Dan or you may make me an electronic music fan!

Best tracks: "Feel the Lightning", "When I Was Done Dying"

Track listing for Gliss Riffer:

  • Feel the Lightning
  • Sheathed Wings
  • When I Was Done Dying
  • Meme Generator
  • Mind On Fire
  • Learning To Relax
  • Take It To the Max
  • Steely Blues

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