Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Two Gallants: "We Are Undone" (album review)

Guitar/drum duos have become incredibly popular in recent years (I wonder how that makes bassists feel).  One of the bands who have taken on the structure is San Francisco's Two Gallants.  The pair will release their new album, We Are Undone, on February 3rd.

The group really manage to run the gamut of guitar/drum sounds.

They open up with classic rock riffage with the title track.  From there they do the snotty Garage rock thing with "Incidental", as well as the expected Blues with "Some Trouble".

They pound out a pulsing cacophony on "Fools Like Us", a track that ends up sounding like Death From Above light.

Things get bogged down when Two Gallants slow things down.  The stripped down "My Man Go" comes across as passive and sleepy instead of haunting or touching.  The mid-tempo "Invitation To a Funeral" is nothing to note.  As an exception, the twangy "Katy Kruelly" does have a playfulness to it that is charming.

Piano, intimate cymbal work and vocal harmonies make "There's So Much I Don't Know" a bit of a statement song.

Unfortunately, after a promising start We Are Undone seems to simply run out of steam.  The duo just can't keep the momentum going over the course of the entire album.  And that's a pity.

Best tracks: "Incidental", "Katy Kruelly"

Track listing for We Are Undone:
  • We Are Undone
  • Incidental
  • Fools Like Us
  • Invitation to a Funeral
  • Some Trouble
  • My Man Go
  • Katy Kruelly
  • Heart Breakdown
  • Murder the Season/The Age of Nocturne
  • There's So Much I Don't Know

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