Friday, January 16, 2015

The Gay Nineties: "Liberal Guilt" (EP review)

BC's The Gay Nineties are here to make sure the February blahs don't set in.  The group release an EP of impeccable pop gems, Liberal Guilt, on January 27th.

From the album opener, "Intro", one would assume that what was to follow was a take on the dreamy indie rock that The Dears are renowned for.  Oh that would be such a wrong conclusion to draw.

What follows is actually series of slick indie pop numbers.  Be it the infectious straightforward power pop "Letterman" or the laid back cool of "In and Out of Style", these tracks are sure to delight.

The band does stick their collective toe in the water of experimentation.  "Hold Your Fire" is stylish, with a Mother Mother type quai-spoken word component, whereas "Tangled" is built on a sexy modern R&B foundation.

When all is said and done, Liberal Guilt is a record that will make you happy.  Plus, anyone who name-drops Air Supply has earned some respect.

Best tracks: "Hold Your Fire", "Letterman"

Track listing for Liberal Guilt:
  • Intro
  • Hold Your Fire
  • Letterman
  • In and Out of Style
  • Good Times
  • Turn Me On
  • Tangled
  • Outro

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