Saturday, January 31, 2015

Emmy The Great: "S" (EP review)

Few voices are as soothing as that of UK singer Emmy The Great.  She's got a charming way about her.  Unfortunately, that doesn't really come through nearly enough on her new EP S.

Instead we get pedestrian twinklings like "Swimming Pool" and the listless closer "Somerset".

In between we're forced to suffer through "Solar Panels", a song with pumping Eurotrash beats that make you feel like you're watching an Italian soccer game.

The lone redeeming cut is "Social Hero".  The song constrasts Emmy's cherubic sweet vocals with a fuzzy guitar which doesn't overpower.

Unless you are a die-hard fan, this is hardly worth the listen.

Best track: "Social Hero"

Track listing for S:
  • Swimming Pool
  • Social Hero
  • Solar Panels
  • Somerset

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