Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tragically Hip: "Fully Completely (Deluxe Edition)" (album review)

On November 17th Canadian rock royalty The Tragically Hip will release a new deluxe edition of their landmark 1992 album Fully Completely.

Since everyone is undoubtedly already intimately familiar with the album, I'm not going to bore you with reviewing the remastered tracks.  It's the bonus material that's included on the second disc of the set that will be of most interest.

The bulk of the bonus material is a live show recorded at the Horseshoe Tavern in September of 1992.  It's an intimate venue and you can hear that in the recording.

Unsurprisingly, the set list was comprised almost entirely of songs from the then-brand new Fully Completely.

The set really lacks standouts.  The throat-curdling screech of "Locked In the Trunk of a Car" aside, it's a workmanlike effort at best from the band.

Despite being a decent time capsule, I'm not sure anyone really needs more live Hip material floating out there.  What would have been preferable is more outtakes or demos.

We do get two of those.  The first is the completely forgettable "Radio Show".  There was a reason this track wound up on the cutting room floor.

The second is far more intriguing.  It's a rocked-up, sped up rendition of "So Hard Done By", which would appear in an entirely different form on their next album Day For Night.

Other than the version of "So Hard Done By" it's difficult to see why even a Hip completest would need to get their hands on this one.

The Tragically Hip play the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on February 19th.

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toad said...

I just purchased the Super-duper deluxe edition that has the 2 CDs + DVD and the cool book. I haven't listened to either audio disc yet but I've been looking through the book and it's rather nifty. It's bigger than I thought it would be and it looks nice on the coffee table. The DVD is the Heksenketel tour documentary. I have that on VHS so a disc is better, although it seems to be available to stream for free out there. But whatever, the book is the thing that I like. So for $40 USD it's not a bad deal and I don't think a ton of them were made. And I do want to hear the remastering on my fancy stereo to see if it sounds better than the original. And now that Gord only lives in our memories, any addition to my Hip collection is most welcome.