Monday, November 03, 2014

Supersuckers @ The Horseshoe Tavern (live review)

Heading into Sunday night's gig at the Horseshoe Tavern, I had seen The Supersuckers live a dozen times and they had never failed to blow the doors off.  That sets an impossibly high standard, and unfortunately it reminds us that there's a first for everything.

As expected, the band placed a lot of focus on their new album Get The Hell, kicking off the set with five songs from the new record.  The title track fired up the crowd in a big way, with "Something About You" and "High Tonight" also proving that they should hold a place in the band's performances for years to come.  Their version of Depeche Mode's "Never Let You Down Again" was a nice touch as well.

The meat of the set was ushered in with a bang with "Bad Bad Bad".  The band rocketed through a string of favorites that included "Luck", "How To Maximize Your Kill Count",

The 'rock n' roll' section was strong, with "Evil Powers of Rock and Roll", "Rock-N-Roll Records (Ain't Selling This Year)", and "Rock Your Ass" all kicking ass.

Danko Jones hit the stage to perform a couple of songs with the band, including "Fisticuffs".

It was the anthemic "Pretty Fucked Up" that inspired the biggest fist-pumping singalong of the night.

In what seemed like a surprisingly short set the band just seemed a little bit off.  While the songs sounded great, the level of engagement with the audience and the witty banter both came up a tad short.  There seemed to be some issues with Eddie's voice as he nearly croaked his way through the traditional set closer "Born With A Tail".

The biggest disappointment is the number of great songs that didn't get aired last night (including set staples "Creepy Jackalope Eye", "Caliente", "Doublewide", "When I Go, I'm Gone", "Bubblegum & Beer", well you get the point).

The opening act was local band Public Animal, who are comprised of scene veterans like Ian Blurton and Bella Clava's Caitlin Dacey.  The group were tight and played off each other incredibly well.  The songs didn't really stack up to the playing however.  The style verged on 'jam metal' and at times sounded like Black Sabbath was trying to play Phish covers.

Even an off night for the Supersuckers is a damn good night of rock n' roll.


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