Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Sallie Ford: "Slap Back" (album review)

Girl Power is a terrible label.  The Spice Girls (and cynical marketing) turned a concept ignited by the Riot Grrl movement and turned it into an excuse to sell skimpy clothing.

However, there are real powerful and empowered women in music who can be looked upon as true role models.  With her forthcoming album Slap Back (out October 14th), Oregon-based Sallie Ford rockets herself right to the top of that list.

Be it the lyrics, her vocal style, or the staunch arrangements, it's clear that Ford will take guff from no one.

After opening with a lively a capella country number in "Intro", Ford and her crew dive headlong into making their statement with "Coulda Been".  The song about relationship games combines a bongo beat, snarled vocals, and guitars that alternate between shredding and screeching to blow the listener away.

On "Give Me Your Lovin'" Ford shows that she knows exactly what she wants and nobody's going to stop her from taking it.  She takes a different tact on "You Bet Your Ass".  On that track Ford shows that she doesn't need volume to convey her warnings.

Ford has an ear for a hook too.  On "Workin' The Job" she creates a beautiful melody without sacrificing any of her forcefulness.  An old time rock n' roll cha-cha is draped in a garage rock production on "Dive In".

After listening to Slap Back over and over again I've decided I want my 3-year old daughter to grow up like Sallie Ford.  I can't think of a bigger compliment that I could give.

Sallie Ford plays the Great Hall in Toronto on October 14th.

Best tracks: "Coulda Been", "Dive In"

Track listing for Slap Back:
  • Intro
  • Coulda Been
  • Workin' The Job
  • Oregon
  • An Ending
  • Hey Girl
  • Dive In
  • Give Me Your Lovin'
  • Lucky To Miss
  • You Bet Your Ass
  • Never Be Lame
  • So Damn Low
  • Let Go

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