Thursday, October 23, 2014

Q&A: the Supersuckers' Eddie Spaghetti

I've been a fan of rock/country/punk band The Supersuckers for a long long time and I can personally attest that their claim of being the Greatest Rock N' Roll Band In The World isn't far off.  They recently announced the Canadian tour in support of their new record Get The Hell.  I had the pleasure of speaking with lead singer/bassist Eddie Spaghetti about the tour and album.

Here's the poop:

TO Snob: First off, thanks for doing this.  You've got 16 Canadian shows booked for this latest tour.  I assume this means that you aren't going to blow off the Canadian dates.ES: Yeah, we're not going to blow them off this time.  We're done blowing them off.
TO Snob: I've been looking for the tour dates to be coming and I keep seeing nothing and nothing.  You've done like 56 dates in Denmark but nothing in Canada until now.  Why did it take so long?ES: I don't know we've been trying to cover everywhere with the new record and just now we're getting to Canada.
TO Snob: You've always been good to us.ES: It's always been great in Canada.  It can be a hassle getting in sometimes for some reason though.
TO Snob: It probably depends on who's in the band at the time.ES: Yes it does.
TO Snob: This will be the 13 times I've seen you guys, and my favorite show I ever saw was when you opened for yourself, doing the country set then the rock set.  What's the make-up of the set for these shows going to be?ES: We've been largely doing just the rock shows because we have the new record out and that's been the focus.  But we have been working on some new country songs.  In Calgary we're going to be doing a country show and a rock show, so it's possible we'll be busting out some country music.

TO Snob: I was going to be asking you, because the last 3 records or so have really been lacking in the country stuff.  Have you been saving it for the solo records and putting the rock on the Supersuckers' albums?ES: That's kind of what's been going on.  My last solo record was largely a country record and I had written all of the songs for it.  It was the first one where I had written all of the songs.  So that's kind of where that side of what we do has been going.  But now we're going to be putting out the first country record in a long time for The Supersuckers.
TO Snob: I'm really happy to hear that.  It took me a while to come around to the country stuff, but as I'm getting older it's really what I'm gravitated to.ES: Yeah that's a common thread.  When we put that record out it was poorly received to say the least, but over time it's become our biggest selling record, so it's been good for us.  I feel like having that in our back pocket helps to take the expiration date off the band.  It's something that we can legitimately do until our old age.
TO Snob: This record took 6 years.  I know a lot of things went into the delay, but could you briefly discuss some of those?ES: Mainly it was our lack of ability to continue putting out the records ourselves.  We had been our own label for about 10 years.  The inability to sustain that lead us to search for somebody else to put out the record and that took a lot longer than we had anticipated.  Everybody loves The Supersuckers and nobody wanted to take the chance on screwing it up.  
TO Snob: You're right that everybody loves The Supersuckers.  I don't know how many festivals I've been to where I bump into somebody else wearing your shirt and you give a little nod and you're friends at that point.ES: Yeah there's a lot of love for the band but it doesn't pay the bills.
TO Snob: I think I speak for most fans when I say one of the most appealing things is your sense of humour.ES: When somebody loves the band that seems to be something they really identify with.  But I feel like it maybe shoots us in the foot a little bit as far as gaining a larger audience.  We've never really taken ourselves that seriously.  It's like the comedy movie never wins the Academy Award, but it's the movie that you'll watch over and over and over again.
TO Snob: I was going to ask if you felt any pressure to punch it up.  Like this song isn't quite funny enough, we've got to add to it?ES: Not really.  The lyrics are either funny or they're not.  They're funny when they're supposed to be and not when they're not.  We've been pretty good about knowing when it's time to be funny and when it's time to not.  Maybe sometimes I shouldn't have called the song "Creepy Jackalope Eye".  Maybe it would've been a hit for us if I had called it something more serious.
TO Snob: On the new record, of all the Depeche Mode songs in the world, why did you choose that one to cover?ES: That's a song that's been on the shortlist of songs to cover because of our guitarist Dan Bolton's love for that song.  I don't know that much about Depeche Mode, they aren't a group that's on my radar at all.  So that's really the only song of there's that I've ever spent any time with.  It came out really good at it sounds more like the Dead Boys in our hands.
TO Snob: I've been listening to the podcast.  What was the inspiration and how do you think fans have taken to it?ES: It was something someone suggested that I do a while ago.  My wife got involved and she was all for it.  As far as the reaction, I commiserate with the fans at the merch table every night and everyone who mentions it likes it.  It's weird.  It's me and my wife shooting the shit but it gives you a little insight into my life.  I think it's a cool thing to do.
TO Snob: Speaking of your wife, she's got her children's book out.  I love the story of how it came to be.ES: It was a great organic thing that happened, and she totally saw it through and self-published it and did every little bit of it all on her own.  I hope it does really well, and actually she's sold quite a few of them so far.
TO Snob: Can we expect to have an Eddie Spaghetti companion kids album coming out soon?  You know, play your favorite children's songs.ES: There's already a Children's artist out there called Eddie Spaghetti and he's been the bane of my existence.  He's the reason I can't have and other hassles.  But I wouldn't rule anything out.
TO Snob: One last question for you.  As the band gets older have you guys noticed that the skanky prostitutes asses getting droopier and the bad coke getting worse?ES: Yeah, it's a downward spiral for all that for sure.
TO Snob: Thank you very much for doing this and I really look forward to seeing you in Toronto.

The Supersuckers play a bunch of Ontario shows, including:

  • Oshawa, The Atria, Oct 31
  • Hamilton, This Ain't Hollywood, Nov 1
  • Toronto, The Horseshoe Tavern, Nov 2
  • Peterborough, The Red Dog, Nov 3
  • London, Call the Office, Nov 5
  • Ottawa, Maverick's, Nov 6

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