Friday, September 19, 2014

Ashley Fayth: "I Am the Bird" (EP review)

I have to admit that I'm always a little bit surprised when an artists from Newfoundland DOESN'T have a bit of UK or Irish influence in their music.

Singer-songwriter Ashley Fayth keeps up that tradition from The Rock as she incorporates more than a hint of English folk into her the songs on her new EP I Am the Bird.

Fayth is a versatile vocalist, but is almost always characterized by a crisp, clean sound.

On the title track, that manifests as a very deep, mature sound.  That's the polar opposite of the tender, slightly cutesy Feist-ish delivery she gives on the charming "Seaside".

The album opener, "Hostage", is the outlier.  It features a slow-building twang, that culminates in a harmonica part, all supporting Fayth's voice.

Four songs is an awfully small sample size by which to judge a musician, but Fayth definitely seems to be set on the right course.

Best tracks: "Hostage", "Seaside"

Track listing for I Am the Bird:
  • Hostage
  • I Am the Bird
  • Seaside
  • My Bark

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