Thursday, August 07, 2014

Wildcat! Wildcat!: "No Moon At All" (album review)

If you're into the currently trendy hazy indie dream pop then you'll probably be interested in LA trio Wildcat! Wildcat!  The group release their debut full length, No Moon At All, on August 5th.

Things get very atmospheric very quickly as the album kicks off with "Tower".  It slinks and slithers through spacey lazy hazy numbers like "Garden Grays" and "Nothing Below".

The slickest song on the record is the stylish "Hero".  It boasts a strong melody and helium-filled vocals that boarder on Chris Martin territory.

The atmospheres rapidly morph into a morass of blah as "Up Beyond" and "End of the World Everyday" come across as light, less impactful Mercury Rev.

The band is best when they pick up the pace a bit.  The electro-grind of "Circuit Breaker" and the danceable groove of "Marfa" are the standouts on the record.  It's a shame there aren't more of these tracks.

While No Moon At All has it's moments, it's not consistently engaging or beautiful enough to really grip you.

Wildcat! Wildcat! play the Drake in Toronto on August 5th.

Best tracks: "Circuit Breaker", "Marfa"

Track listing for No Moon At All:
  • Tower
  • Garden Grays
  • Up Beyond
  • Hero
  • End of the World Everyday
  • Holloway Hey Love
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Nothing Below
  • Sentimental
  • Marfa

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