Monday, August 04, 2014

Bear In Heaven: "Time Is Over One Day Old" (album review)

You know what the summer has been missing so far?  A new album that will help rattle the pictures on your wall.  Well, crank it up because Bear In Heaven's new record Time Is Over One Day Old certainly fits the bill.

The festivities get underway with the vibrating, rumbling techno wash of "Autumn", a cut that's propelled by a metronomic drive.  It plays well with the light Industrial influence that lays at the core of "Demon".

The Brooklyn group proves that they have plenty of polish as well.  The standout "Time Between" is smooth between it's soaring highs.

The beats pop like a child's blown bubbles on "If I Have To Lie".  "They Dream" is a spacey eruption of bliss.  "The Sun and The Moon and The Stars" is a dream pop number that features a vocal delivery worthy of Ian Brown.

Not everything works.  Bear In Heaven get a bit too ambient with "Memory Heart", plopping that song down just shy of the monotonous line.

It's hard to wrap all of that up into a package that can rattle your bones, but somehow Bear In Heaven manages to do just that.  It's the perfect addition to your summer playlists.

Bear In Heaven plays the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on September 13th.

Best tracks: "Time Between", "Demon"

Track listing for Time Is Over One Day Old:
  • Autumn
  • Time Between
  • If I Have To Lie
  • They Dream
  • The Sun and The Moon and The Stars
  • Memory Heart
  • Demon
  • Way Off
  • Dissolve the Walls
  • You Don't Ned the World

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