Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New Pornographers announce new album "Brill Bruisers"

New Pornographers have announced the release of their new album.  Brill Bruisers comes out on August 26th.  They've got some funky interactive artwork for it:

Here's the track list:
  • Brill Bruisers 
  • Champions Of Red Wine 
  • Fantasy Fools 
  • War On The East Coast 
  • Backstairs 
  • Marching Orders 
  • Another Drug Deal Of The Heart 
  • Born With A Sound 
  • Wide Eyes 
  • Dancehall Domine 
  • Spidyr 
  • Hi-Rise 
  • You Tell Me Where
New Pornographers play Riot Fest in Toronto on September 6th.

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