Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Library Voices: "For John" (EP review)

There comes a time in the lives of most band when you need to begin reinventing or evolving your sound (unless you're AC/DC).  Unfortunately, it seems as though Library Voices have decided that this is the time and their new EP, For John, is that vehicle for change.

Gone from the Regina band's repertoire are the infectious, smile-inducing pop anthems and in their place we find plodding, grinding noisescapes.

The tone for the record is set from the get-go with the opener "Some Mezcal Morning".  It's a heavy on guitar drone, falling somewhere between whacked-out Neil Young and Lee Ranaldo.  "Snowshoe Training Might Save Your Life" is sprawling, verging on Besnard Lakes territory.

A little more listenable is "Antimatters of the Heart", a song that low on fidelity, but also low on engagement.  The fuzzy "John Farrell Buffalo" has a deeply buried hook if you can get passed the methodical pace.

A handful of moments do give a nod to their former glory.  The surf guitar of "Space Age", and the up tempo garage rock of "Use Your Allusion I & II" and "Windsor Hum" do provide for decent tracks, but nothing unshakable.

It's a sad turn for Library Voices.  We already have plenty of bands that sound like they do on this EP.  I would've been content for them to go on about their business making me smile.

Library Voices play the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on August 28th.

Best tracks: "Space Age", "Use Your Allusion I & II"

Track listing for For John:

  • Some Mezcal Morning
  • Space Age
  • Antimatters of the Heart
  • John Farrell Buffalo
  • Snowshoe Training Might Save Your Life
  • Use Your Allusion I & II
  • Windsor Hum

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