Thursday, May 01, 2014

Kishi Bashi: "Lighght" (album review)

Over the past couple of years there are few artists have drawn the level of critical Internet acclaim that Kishi Bashi has.  On May 13th the former Of Montreal associate will likely have much more heaped upon him as he releases his sophomore album Lighght.

Aside from the two ad lib instrumental tracks "Debut: Impromptu" and "Impromptu No 1", the violin is relegated to more of a supporting role this time around.

The record really gets underway with the plucky, choppy indie pop number "Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!".

Things get downright dancable with the disco-inspired "The Ballad of Mr. Steak" and the infectious and slick "Once Upon a Lucid Dream (In Afrikaans)".

The most gripping moments come from two very different songs.  The first is the catchiest track on the disc, the peppy Shins(ish) "Carry On Phenomenon".  The second is the more stripped-down jangly ditty "Q&A".

"Hahaha, Pt 1" brings in a swirling ambiance, which is capped off with the album's finale, the sprawling "In Fantasia".

My biggest criticism of Bashi's music has to do with the lack of choruses.  Call me old fashioned, but as catchy as his music is, it would be far more appealing to me if he threw a solid repetitive refrain at you every once in a while.  That's an ailment of the indie pop genre(s) as a whole though.

Kishi Bashi plays the Mod Club in Toronto on June 2nd.

Best tracks: "Carry On Phenomenon", "Once Upon a Dream (In Afrikaans)"

Track listing for Lighght:
  • Debut: Impromptu
  • Philosophize It! Chemicalize With It!
  • The Ballad of Mr Steak
  • Carry On Phenomenon
  • Bittersweet Genesis for Him and Her
  • Impromptu No 1
  • Q&A
  • Once Upon a Lucid Dream (In Afrikaans)
  • Hahaha, Pt 1
  • Hahaha, Pt 2
  • In Fantastia

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