Wednesday, April 09, 2014

catl.: "This Shakin' House" (album review)

catl. is one of Toronto's best kept secrets.  Hopefully, with the release of their fourth album, This Shakin' House (out April 29th), the secret will be out beyond the 416.

The record gets off to a raucous start.  The duo rattle the walls with "Lamplight the Way", a song that sounds like a ragtag hillbilly Blues Explosion.

The twang is dominant on the country blues number "Resistance Place" and the hand-jive inspired "Getaway Blues".  The album closer, "Awake All Night (Song for Witness)", delivers some full-on honky tonking.

The harmonica-heavy "FU Blues" is a down and dirty gritty boot-stomping statement.

It's more of a party rock vibe on "Waiting List".  The perfect balance between power and melody is struck on the hard-driving, hook-laden, piss and vinegar track "Save Myself".

The lone miscue is "Dead Water Disco".  It's a song that trundles along without much impact.

It's about time that the rest of the world discovers what we know locally, that catl. deserve to be in the discussion of best bands to come out of Canada.

catl. play the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on April 24th.

Best tracks: "Save Myself", "Lamplight the Way"

Track listing for This Shakin' House:
  • Lamplight the Way
  • Resistance Place
  • Getaway Blues
  • FU Blues
  • Shakin' House Blues
  • Save Myself
  • Dead Water Disco
  • Waiting List
  • Hold My Body Down
  • Awake All Night (Song for Witness)

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