Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The Pixies: "EP2" (album review)

The post-Kim Deal version of The Pixies have returned with their second EP of new material.  This one has been dubbed, not surprisingly, EP2.

The set of four new cuts varies widely in quality.

The record's lead track, "Blue Eyed Hexe", is also it's best.  The song takes the dynamic swings The Pixies made famous and moves it into the 21st Century with a refreshing indie dancey groove.

Not faring as well is the muted "Magdalena".  The track is dark, moody and methodical, but ultimately never really goes anywhere.

Somewhere in between are "Green and Blues" and "Snakes".  The former is a melodic mid-tempo number that's right in Black Francis' wheelhouse.  The latter is a bit more of an experiment, with Joey Santiago laying down slick, propulsive guitars.

It's sad that Kim Deal had to depart for the band to break their creative logjam, but it's good to hear new music flowing form the group.  Fans need to have some patience and allow the group to find their direction.  I'm confident that patience will (eventually) be rewarded.

The Pixies play Massey Hall in Toronto on January 15th.

Best tracks: "Blue Eyed Hexe", "Snakes"

Track listing for EP2:
  • Blue Eyed Hexe
  • Magdalena
  • Green and Blues
  • Snakes

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