Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Perms: "The Aberdeen EP" (album review)

Winnipeg rock outfit The Perms have (tragically) flown under the radar for quite a few years now.  The band have released a series of albums that boast some seriously catchy indie rock tunes.

The group recently released a brand new record, the 4-song Aberdeen EP.

A strong melody and compelling hook have always been hallmarks of The Perms' music, that comes shining through here on the irresistible toe-tapper "The Parent Thing".

The rumbling drums that power "It's Mania" are heavy by Perms standards, but they are a perfect partner for the song's instant sing-along 'whoa-whoa' chorus.

In the title track and the album closer "Walk Away", we get some harder guitar-based rawk.  They are decent cuts, but the sound strays from what The Perms do best, making them ho-hum as a result.

If you like the two standout cuts, then it will definitely be worth your while to investigate The Perms' back catalogue.

Best tracks: "It's Mania", "The Parent Thing"

Track listing for The Aberdeen EP:
  • It's Mania
  • Aberdeen
  • The Parent Thing
  • Walk Away

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