Friday, January 24, 2014

The C'Mons: "Places" (EP review)

Toronto indie rockers The C'Mons are making a hard push to be a breakout band of 2014.  On February 3rd, the group will make their first sortie with the release of the 5-song Places EP.

The EP is a slickly-produced effort.  There are some grand sounds with equal amounts of thrust and polish giving tracks like "Better & Kind", with it's shimmering guitar solo, a Silversun Pickups feel.  The opener, "Set A Fire", is a methodical track that grows out from a sweeping electro/orcherstal line with a very similar feel.

The tension builds high during the closer "Paper Walls".  The dramatic arrangement soars higher and higher, whipping the vocals into a fury, until the entire structure eventually comes crashing down on your head like some emotional avalanche.

The record's catchiest number is "Only Ghost".  You will feel compelled to bop your head to the stylish, slick, yet somehow still shadowy tune.

After this it will be interesting to hear the Places The C'Mons will go (see what I did there?).

Best tracks: "Only Ghost", "Paper Walls"

Track listing for Places:
  • Set A Fire
  • Better & Kind
  • Only Ghost
  • Poison
  • Paper Walls

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