Thursday, January 02, 2014

Supersuckers: "Get The Hell" (album review)

Over nearly a quarter century The Supersuckers have churned out incomparably fun and funny tunes.  Be it rock, punk, or country, the band seems to be able to master any genre they turn their minds to.

On January 14th they return with their first album in five years, Get The Hell.

This is definitely a rock record.  The title track kicks things off, and it displays the band's AC/DC and Thin Lizzy influences more openly than even their covers of those bands do.

Things get turned up a couple of more notches on "Shut Your Face".  That track is a fist pumping hard rock declaration that could've easily come from a group like The Scorpions.  "Pushin' Thru" is a truck-driving anthem waiting to be anointed.

The self-deprecating side of the band's sense of humour is evident on "Fuck Up" ('when I fuck shit up I fuck it all the way down').  They have a tongue firmly planted in cheek with their decision to turn Depeche Mode's "Never Let Me Down Again" into a blistering rock guitar assault.

The Supersuckers are at their best when their sense of humour and ability to rock out intersect with an infectious hook.  Those stars align on the standouts "High Tonight" and "Something About You".

The only hint of the band's twangy side comes on the album closer "Rock On".  Even then it's more of a rockabilly chug-a-chug than an old school Country & Western weeper.

The record does have a handful of tracks that aren't terribly noteworthy.  Perhaps it's because they sound a tad too polished for Supersuckers tracks.  Despite that, the band is still far far far far (one far too many?) better rock and rollers than anything you'll hear of commercial radio.

Best tracks: "High Tonight", "Rock On"

Track listing for Get the Hell:
  • Get the Hell
  • Something About You
  • Fuck Up
  • High Tonight
  • Pushin' Thru
  • Never Let Me Down Again
  • Gluttonous
  • Disaster Bastard
  • Bein' Bad
  • That's What You Get For Thinking
  • Shut Your Face
  • Rock On

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