Wednesday, October 23, 2013

White Denim: "Corsicana Lemonade" (album review)

Austin's White Denim return on October 29th with a brand new album, Corsicana Lemonade.  For the most part, the album is a garage rock fan's dream.

The record kicks off with some borderline virtuoso riffs on "At Night In Dreams".  It's grungy sound is the first indication that the band aren't afraid to borrow fro others.  "New Blue Feeling" has a Spoon-like smoothness to it.  "Cheer Up Blues Ending" is a messy number, but it boasts vocals that seem heavily influenced by Chris Cornell.  Oddly, the closer "A Place To Start" sounds like it could've been on the last Jens Lekman record.

The garage rock gets wonky on "Limited By Stature".  It gets choppy and brisk on the cow punk-inspired title track.

There's plenty of versatility in White Denim.  "Come Back" is a standout, the falls on the funky rock spectrum somewhere between Prince (on 'roids) and Lenny Kravitz.  That contrasts starkly with the twang-alicious "Let It Feel Good My Eagles".

Too many track lack fire though.  "Distant Relative Salute", for example, is a fairly mundane, monotone number.

All things considered, there are some fun, exciting moments on Corsicana Lemonade.  As a whole, however, it's too uneven a record to be

Best tracks: "Come Back", "Let It Feel Good My Eagles"

Track listing for Corsicana Lemonade:
  • At Night In Dreams
  • Corsicana Lemonade
  • Limited By Stature
  • New Blue Feeling
  • Come Back
  • Distant Relative Salute
  • Let It Feel Good My Eagles
  • Pretty Green
  • Cheer Up Blues Ending
  • A Place To Start

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