Thursday, October 03, 2013

Fast Romantics: "Afterlife Blues" (album review)

The best strategy for building buzz around your album release is to have a slick radio hit pumping out of speakers all summer long.  That's exactly what Toronto-based Fast Romantics have done, with the shimmering guitar rocker "Funeral Song" priming the pump for the October 8th release of their sophomore record Afterlife Blues.

Fans who were won over by that track certainly won't be disappointed by the balance of the album.  It's brimming with delightful, melodic power pop numbers like "Old Enough" and "Time".

The most conventionally catchy tune is "White Lights".  It's an irresistible, hook-heavy number.  Equally as compelling though is "Friends", which uses stellar vocal harmonies to be more insidiously enticing.

The record steps out of that realm on a handful of cuts.  There's a dark, almost Pulp-ish atmosphere to "90s Life".  The guitars really come into their own on "Atoms".  The song begins with an Interpol-esque angular riff before the melody kicks in.  The title track slows things down considerably, allowing the 'woo, woo, woos' to take over.

The drawback of Afterlife Blues is that there's nothing truly new on it.  We've heard this type of music countless times before.  Fast Romantics do it pretty darn well though.

Fast Romantics play an album release show at The Garrison in Toronto on October 11th.

Best tracks: "Funeral Song", "White Lights"

Track listing for Afterlife Blues:
  • Friends
  • Funeral Song
  • Afterlife Blues
  • Take Me Back
  • Time
  • White Lights
  • Old Enough
  • 90s Life
  • Atoms
  • Isabelle

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