Monday, September 23, 2013

The Sadies: "Internal Sounds" (album review)

There's nobody more reliable than The Sadies.  You can pretty much plug the Toronto roots outfit in for an 8/10 album each time out.  That's exactly what we get with their upteenth album, the brand new Internal Sounds (out in Canada now, in the US Oct. 1st).

The group are renowned for the roots/rock combination that they have truly refined.  In fact, with "Another Tomorrow Again", they may actually have perfected it.  That track may even inspire a new genre of countrified power pop.  It's reinforced by the twangy tour de force "Another Yesterday Again".

Often there's a darker side to The Sadies' music.  This time around it comes via the sombre "Starting All Over Again" and "Story 19", with it's stormy guitar breakdown.  The album closer "We Are Circling" adds a seductive element which is certain to leave a lasting impression.

That guitar breakdown is one of the album's more surprising moments.  "The Very Beginning" provides another in the form of a Neil Young-worthy guitar lick that morphs into a cow punk number.

The band usually pop a couple of instrumental tracks into the mix.  "The Very Ending" and "The Lesser Key" serve that purpose here.

The Sadies should probably start their own music school to teach the young'uns how it's done.
Best tracks: "Another Tomorrow Again", "We Are Circling"

Track listing for Internal Sounds:
  • The First Five Minutes
  • So Much Blood
  • The Very Beginning
  • Starting All Over Again
  • The Very Ending
  • Another Tomorrow Again
  • Another Yesterday Again
  • Leave This World Behind
  • The Lesser Key
  • Story 19
  • We Are Circling

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