Friday, September 06, 2013

The Pixies: "EP1" (album review)

Earlier this week we got a surprise as The Pixies dropped an EP of new music on the public.  It isn't a complete shocker, as they did release the single "Bagboy" a few months back, but there wasn't any warning for the 4-song set that followed.

So after the initial wave of euphoria with the very concept of new Pixies' music, how does it actually stack up.

Not terribly well I'm afraid.

The songs seem too polished and too well-structured.  They lack the rawness and visceral feel of classic Pixies.  It's not the fault of new bassist, former Muffs leader Kim Shattuck, either.

The lead-off track "Andro Queen" is a wonky, warbling number that sounds vaguely like Frank Black trying to do reggae...very slowly.  It's followed by the far too slick and organized "Another Toe", which is almost begging for a loss of control.

The focus track "Indy Cindy" fairs better as Black Francis does an angry stream-of-consciousness rant that gets juxtaposed with a mild chorus.  The arrangements don't really ignite until "What Goes Boom" with it's cutting guitars and thumping rhythm section.

It pains me to say this, but if EP1 is the best we're going to get from a reformed and revised Pixies line-up, then maybe it's best for everyone if the legacy of that great band is left undisturbed.

Best tracks: "Indy Cindy", "What Goes Boom"

Track listing for EP1:
  • Andro Queen
  • Another Toe
  • Indy Cindy
  • What Goes Boom

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