Friday, September 20, 2013

Irish Moutarde: "Raise 'Em All" (album review)

If you're a fan at all of the Celtic-punk rock mix of bands like Dropkick Murphys and Enter The Haggis, then you definitely need to check out Quebec City's Irish Moutarde, and their new album Raise 'Em All.

You get everything you expect right out of the gate with "The Black Mill".  Bagpipes, fife, and lots of guitars create a raucous party on that, and other tunes like the frenzied "The Cabin".

Much like those bands cited earlier, partaking of the spirits definitely plays a central role in Irish Moutarde's music.  "Farewell To Drunkenness" is a pledge after a night of a binge.  "Glasses To The Sky" will have you clinking with your buddies.

The strangest song by far is "D.O.E.".  It has the celtic elements, but adds a campy occult metal feel.

Of course, a traditional number should always be included on an album like this.  On Raise 'Em All it's "Fields of Athenry".  It's actually a relatively restrained rendition by Irish Moutarde standards.

The album really hits new heights with the rallying cry "The Wearing of the Green".

So gather around your stereophonic device and reel along with Irish Moutarde.

Best tracks: "Glasses To the Sky", "Wearing of the Green"

Track listing for Raise 'Em All:
  • The Black Mill
  • Farewell To Drunkenness
  • The Cabin
  • I Heard Jesus Was
  • Glasses To the Sky
  • Olaf
  • LLL
  • D.O.E.
  • The Fields of Athenry
  • The Bear and the Maiden Fair
  • The Wearing of the Green
  • A Lad and a Hag

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