Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Andrew Austin: "While It's Still Light Out" (album review)

You may not be familiar with Andrew Austin, but if you're Canadian you're sure as heck familiar with the Sarnia musician's work.  He's currently best known as the voice behind the Tim Horton's "It's Time For Tim's" jingle.

On October 8th he's hoping that perception while change with the release of his new full length album While It's Still Light Out.

The album has a very promising beginning.  The lead track "To Love Like This Again" is a warm, rich folk strummer in the mold of Josh Ritter.

There's no denying the man can pen a melody.  The gorgeous "Beautiful Bones" and the slightly psychedelic "Disappear" can attest to that.  It's what surrounds and supports the melody that's lacking.

That's probably not fair.  It's not lacking.  In fact, there's way way too much going on in many of the arrangements.  It's focus that's lacking.  The elaborate strings and drum machine on "Inside Out" make it seem as though Austin's trying too hard.  "Thousand Eyelids" is a busy mess that drowns out the vocals.

The worst of the lot is "If It Ain't This Town".  The vocals and arrangement are so out of sync that it becomes shambolic, verging on unlistenable.

Austin went into the studio and recorded this record with a big-name producer.  Someone in that room should've been able to help him keep it in check.

Best tracks: "To Love Like This Again", "Disappear"

Track listing for While It's Still Light Out:
  • To Love Like This Again
  • Inside Out
  • Thousand Eyelids
  • If It Ain't This Town
  • Sending Out a Message
  • Disappear
  • Missile Under My Bed
  • Cheap Motel
  • Here Comes the River
  • Beautiful Bones
  • If This Is Your Love
  • The Night

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