Thursday, August 15, 2013

Superchunk: "I Hate Music" (album review)

God bless Superchunk.  In a world where it's getting harder and harder to find something to rely on, they have managed to keep making strong records that you know you're going to like before you even hear them.

They have changed very much of their power pop sound on their new studio album, I Hate Music, out August 20th.

Tracks like "Overflows", "Low F", "and "Breaking Down" will sound instantly familiar to Superchunk fans.  The perky, glistening guitar rock and Mac McCaughan's nasally vocals are a welcome combination at any time.

The band may have even perfected their sound.  The white hot "FOH" ranks among the best songs Superchunk have ever recorded, a could challenge "Slack Motherfucker" as their best ever.

While they don't make any radical changes, there are some small tweaks that the band have incorporated this time around.  On the hook-laden "Me & You & Jackie Mittoo" it's a grittier guitar line that could be mistaken for road trip rock.  The tempo of "Staying Home" is so blisteringly fast that it sounds more worthy of Minor Threat than Superchunk.

What really makes I Hate Music a good record is the strength of the songs.  In the past, there have often been a throwaway cut or two on the band's albums.  That's not the case this time around, as all eleven songs have something to offer the listener.

Best tracks: "FOH", "Me & You & Jackie Mittoo"

Track listing for I Hate Music:

  • Overflows
  • Me & You & Jackie Mittoo
  • Void
  • Staying Home
  • Low F
  • Trees of Celona
  • Breaking Down
  • Out of the Sun
  • Your Theme
  • FOH
  • What Can We Do

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