Friday, August 30, 2013

King Khan & The Shrines: "Idle No More" (album review)

If garage rock is your thing, then you are probably already all over King Khan & The Shrines.  The Montreal group are set to release their new album, Idle No More, on September 3rd.

The garage sound has taken a bit of a shift.  Horn-heavy tracks like "Born To Die" and "Better Luck Next Time" are less Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and more Rocket From The Crypt.  Overall, Idle No More is a much tamer record than we're used to hearing from King Khan.

There's a heavy '60s vibe to many of the tracks.  "Yes I Can't" and ""I Got Made" both lean heavily on the era, with the latter sounding like a slick spy movie theme song.

The album's standout cut is the infectious party groover "Bite My Tongue".  Hot on it's heels though is the soulful, Rapheal Saadiq-esque "Luckiest Man".

Kudos to the group for trying something different, but it never really clicks when they slow things down.  "Darkness" and "Pray For Lil" angle for a stylish chic, but they both end up being more dull than anything.

The most disappointing aspect of Idle No More is that is appears Khan's sense of humour has completely dried up.  There's not a single chuckle to be had, let alone anything that approaches "Took My Lady To Dinner".

Considering Idle No More as a whole, it's a decent record.  It may not be King Khan's rawest, most explosive work, but you won't demand your money back either.

King Khan & The Shrines play the Horseshoe in Toronto on October 26th.

Best tracks: "Luckiest Man", "Bite My Tongue"

Track listing for Idle No More:
  • Born To Die
  • Bite My Tongue
  • Thorn In Her Pride
  • Luckiest Man
  • Better Luck Next Time
  • Darkness
  • Pray For Lil
  • Bad Boy
  • So Wild
  • Yes I Can't
  • I Got Made
  • Of Madness I Dream

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