Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Doug Tielli: "Keresley" (album review)

It's quite the challenge to describe Doug Tielli's music, let alone try to pigeonhole it.  The avant garde Toronto musician will release his eclectic new album, Keresley, on August 27th.

The album opens with the free form "Water Falls".  It combines jazz and artschool rock into a tantalizing organic form that is guaranteed to keep the listener off-kilter.  Rainforest rhythms, horns, and methodical chants are added to the mix on "Lovelovelove" to create an even more complexly layered experience.

A wandering minstrel-style of folk (think James Vincent McMorrow) is the basis for songs like "Milo".

Surprisingly, despite it's Earth-bound feel, many of the songs on Kereseley curiously lack life.  Tracks like "Oak" and "Being Mist" have all of the excitement and intrigue of listening to a tree grow.  It can be painful to sit through.

While there are moments during Keresley that are truly inspired, they are far outnumbered by the lulls.  Moreover, I find it difficult to imagine the appropriate occasion for playing this record.

Best tracks: "Water Falls", "A Dream That I Am"

Track listing for Keresley:
  • Water Falls
  • Milo
  • Oak
  • Big Man of the Underbrush
  • With You and Without You
  • Being Mist
  • Lovelovelove
  • A Dream That I Am

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