Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Grant Hart to release "The Argument"

Grant Hart has a new album ready to go.  The Argument, out July 22nd, isn't the typical record from the
Husker Du alum.  Instead, it's a soundtrack inspired by an unpublished William S. Burroughs novel, Paradise Lost.

That theme can't be contained to one disc, so The Argument is a double-album with two distinct halves.

Here's the track listing for the record:

  • Out Of Chaos 
  • Morningstar 
  • Awake, Arise! 
  • If We Have The Will 
  • I Will Never See My Home 
  • I Am Death 
  • Sin 
  • Letting Me Out 
  • Is The Sky The Limit? 
  • Golden Chain 
  • So Far From Heaven 
  • Shine, Shine, Shine 
  • It Isn't Love 
  • War In Heaven 
  • Glorious 
  • (It Was A) Most Disturbing Dream 
  • Underneath The Apple Tree 
  • The Argument 
  • Run For The Wilderness 
  • For Those Too High Aspiring

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