Thursday, April 18, 2013

!!!: "Thr!!!er" (album review)

It takes a lot of gumption to name your album after one of the most iconic and best selling records of all time.  If there's one thing that !!! have proven to have loads of over the years it's gumption.

On April 30th the indie dance outfit will release their fifth studio album, Thr!!!er.

Disco meets acid jazz on the stylish "Get That Rhythm Right".  "Californiyeah" and "Except Death" provide a funky, groovy one-two punch.

Lead singer Nic Offer channels Jacko himself with his high-pitched vocals on "One Girl/One Boy".  On "Careful" it's a soul/R&B delivery, backed by a strangely whimsical arrangement.

The mold is shattered by "Fine Fine Fine".  The dark, menacing track verges on the Gothic, rather than the glitzy disco of the rest of the record.

The only full-blown party anthem on the record is saved until the very end.  "Station (Meet Me At The)" sees the band finally let loose.  That bookends the album nicely with the toe-tapping 'do do do/do do-do do' of "Even When the Water's Cold".

If you're going to name your album Thr!!!er, you need to have a bit more impact than this record has.  You expect something impactful and memorable.  Good just won't cut it, and this is just a good record.

!!! play the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on June 10th.

Best tracks: "Station (Meet Me At The)", "Even When the Water's Cold"

Track listing for Thr!!!er:
  • Even When the Water's Cold
  • Get That Rhythm Right
  • One Girl/One Boy
  • Fine Fine Fine
  • Slyd
  • Californiyeah
  • Except Death
  • Careful
  • Station (Meet Me At The)

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