Thursday, April 04, 2013

Cursed Arrows: "Sonic Union" (album review)

Cursed Arrows is the southern Ontario-based duo of Ryan Stanley and Jack E. Stanley.  On April 20th (Record Store Day), they will deliver their third full length album Sonic Union (not to be confused with Sonic Unyon, which I have been doing constantly).

At first blush, much of the sound of Cursed Arrows is that you expect from a guitar/drums set up.  The lead track "Little Girl Blue" is in that classic rock/blues rock mold.  We've heard it before, and I dare say that we've heard it done better.

After that, however, things get far more interesting.  A Mudhoney-esque sludgy quality takes a hold of the enthusiastic "Romulus And Remus".  "Thought I Was A Nice Guy (But I'm An Asshole)" sees Ryan and Jack E playing the roles of Thurston and Kim to near perfection.  A rockabilly vibe is an unexpected change of pace that gets you shaking on "Unfortunate Few".

There are some tracks that suffer from a murky blurring of the arrangements.  I'm not sure whether it's production value or an artistic choice, but "Passenger Ghost" is particularly sloppy.  The title track is muted and methodical, almost to the point of tedium.

Sonic Union flies in the face of traditional guitar/drums records.  I can't help but wonder how much more gripping it would've been if the little things had been cleaned up a bit.

Cursed Arrows play the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on April 25th with Flowers of Hell.

Best tracks: "Thought I Was A Nice Guy (But I'm An Asshole)", "Unfortunate Few"

Track listing for Sonic Union:

  • Little Girl Blue
  • The Destructor
  • Romulus And Remus
  • Though I Was A Nice Guy (But I'm An Asshole)
  • Sonic Union
  • Manic Death
  • Passenger Ghost
  • Hexhausted
  • Unfortunate Few
  • Publicity
  • Trust Us (bonus track)

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