Friday, March 15, 2013

Sue Newberry & the Law: "Shine Shine Shine Shine" (EP review)

Toronto's Sue Newberry & the Law are on the verge of releasing their debut EP Shine Shine Shine Shine.  Newberry enlisted some heavy help, bringing in Great Lake Swimmer Bret Higgins to produce the record.

There's not a weak track among the six that comprise the EP.  However, stylistically they are all over the map, making it more a collection of songs than a cohesive piece of work as a whole.

A lengthy banjo introduction kicks off "Gold", before it begins growing into a strong statement song.  That is a strange contrast to "Pavlov", a bouncy pop gem that borders on the cutesy (but not in that annoying cutesy way).  "The Law" his forceful, but not hard, as the band strains to rein in a controlled frenzy of an arrangement.

The keyboard-driven "The Ledge" has the group barreling headlong towards Metric territory.  The band are in New Pornographers mode on "Manitoba", with Newberry more than ably filling the role of Neko Case.

On a song-by-song basis Shine Shine Shine Shine is quite an enjoyable trip.  More importantly though, it accomplishes what any good EP should strive to do: it makes you anticipate a full length.

Sue Newberry & the Law play an EP release show at 3030 Dundas West in Toronto on March 28th.

Best tracks: "Pavlov", "Manitoba"

Track listing for Shine Shine Shine Shine:
  • Gold
  • Pavlov
  • The Ledge
  • The Law
  • Manitoba
  • King's Horses

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