Monday, March 04, 2013

Hollerado: "White Paint" (album review)

A few years ago with some tattered indie rock and creative video clips, Hollerado climbed out of the hinterland boonies surrounding Ottawa and won themselves an appreciative fanbase.  Now, the band have finally returned with a new full length studio album White Paint.

The production is definitely slicker this time around.  Sure we do get the bouncing lo-fi DIY sound of "Don't Think", but that spring-in-the-step is the exception rather than the rule on the new album.

In its place the band serve up the more polished power pop of tracks like "Too Much To Handle" and "Pick Me Up".  When the band lets things stay a little bit raw, like on the propulsive and hook-heavy "So It Goes", the results are pure gold.

The band's influences are a little more intact this time around.  It's easy to pick out the "Heroes" guitar line in behind the sunny indie pop of "Desire 126".  Even more apparently is the stutter-stop "Thanks for the Venom", which owes its entire existence to The Clash's "Clampdown".

The most unexpected track on the record is the 6-minute "Fresno Chunk (Digging With You)".  The song constantly morphs from drunken sea shanty to funky rocker to disco glam and back again.  It's a strange but rewarding trip.

White Paint is certainly the sound of a band coming into their own.  You can almost sense them reaching around and toying with various sonic elements and influences.  It's not a perfect record, but it's a solid one that hints at much bigger things ahead.

Hollerado play the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on April 5th opening for Billy Talent.

Best tracks: "Desire 126", "So It Goes"

Track listing for White Paint:
  • Wonder, Velocity, Charlie and Me
  • Don't Think
  • Thanks for the Venom
  • Desire 126
  • Too Much To Handle
  • Lonesome George
  • So It Goes
  • I Want My Medicine
  • Pure Emotion
  • Fresno Chunk (Digging With You)
  • Pick Me Up

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