Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Woodpigeon: "Thumbtacks + Glue" (album review)

Sometimes an album hits you at just the right time at just the right mood. That's what happened to me with Thumbtacks + Glue, the forthcoming album from Woodpigeon (out Feb. 26th).

I've never really been smitten with Woodpigeon's music.  I've found it pleasant but unremarkable.  Thumbtacks + Glue represents a seismic shift in my view.  It combines beautiful melodies with well-crafted lyrics and just enough innovation to make it stand out from the indie folk crowd.

The Calgary-native Woodpigeon uses hushed Elliott Smith-style vocals and an incredibly addictive melody turn "As Read In the Pine Bluff Commercial" into a masterpiece of understatement.  Verses are traded with a female lead on the equally stunning "Little Wings".

Orchestrals layered atop the folk foundation transform "Children Should Be Seen and Not Heard" into a grand accomplishment.  It's a sweeping sound that is shared on the cinematic "Edinburgh".

A layer of darker rock provides some oomph to "Sufferin' Suckatash", making it a powerful epic statement.  "Robin Song" adds a hook that makes it unforgettable without sacrificing any of the dramatic impact.

In Thumbtacks + Glue, Woodpigeon has given us a record that may turn out to be a darkhorse contender of Album of the 2013 when we start those discussions later in the year.

Best tracks: "Children Should Be Seen and Not Heard", "Sufferin' Suckatash"

Track listing for Thumbtacks + Glue:
  • The Saddest Music In the World
  • Red Rover, Red Rover
  • As Read In the Pine Bluff Commercial
  • Children Should Be Seen and Not Heard
  • Little Wings
  • Sufferin' Suckatash
  • Robin Song
  • Edinburgh
  • Hermit
  • Thumbtacks + Glue

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