Friday, February 15, 2013

Steve Adamyk Band: "Third" (album review)

There must be something in the water in Ottawa.  Punk-influenced power pop bands have seem to sprout like dandelions in the capital region nowadays.

The latest to hit my radar screen is the Steve Adamyk Band, who this week released their third full length album, cleverly titled Third.  The songs are short, bouncy, and delivered with a snotty fury that makes them part Stiff Little Fingers, part Bad Religion, and a whole lot of Buzzcocks.

Even if they may not make the most original music, you have to admit that it's pretty damn tough to resist the allure of a blistering-yet-catchy tune like "Had a Heartattack".  "Wait for Your Number" takes it to a whole other level, answering the musical question 'what would Blink-182 sound like if they had set their hooks to more powerful music?'

If you love catchy songs and energetic performances, but have an extremely short attention span, then Steve Adamyk Band is perfect for you.

Steve Adamyk Band play Crawford in Toronto on March 24th.

Best tracks: "Wait for Your Number", "Had a Heartattack"

Track listing for Third:

  • Not A Witness
  • Had a Heartattack
  • Eyes
  • Katacombs
  • Another Victim
  • Wait for Your Number
  • Set It Up
  • Rain On Sundays
  • Nightmare
  • Satellite
  • My Enemy
  • Won't Let You Go

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